Why Baked Chicken is the Most Underrated Meal Ever

Baked chicken doesn't get enough love in my opinion. It's an easy, quick, and efficient way to prepare chicken. And when done right the chicken come out tender, juicy and flavorful! 

What makes baking chicken easy? 

Baking chicken is easy as 1, 2,3,4,


  1. Season and make a marinade the chicken 
  2. Allow to marinate for deeper flavor 
  3. Bake the chicken 
  4. Take out when it's done cooking and eat!  

What makes baking chicken efficient? 

Baking chicken is probably the most efficient way to cook chicken because the temperature in the oven is easier to control compare to when cooking in pan. You can cook multiple servings at once without worrying about your heat dropping because you overcrowded your pan. As long as your not constantly opening the oven doors to check on it then you have nothing to worry about. You can just set a timer, open the oven doors flip them half way and that's it. Lastly when baking chicken you're less likely to overcook the chicken. Plenty of professional chefs Tend to sear their chicken in a pan to get a nice color and then stick in the over to finish cooking to lower the risk of overcooking and also to be able to take care of other things, such as washing dishes, or taking care of side item that they will serve with the main, in this case baked chicken. 

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