Reasons Why You Should STOP Baking Your Ribs.

A charcoal grill can be very intimidating for someone who has never used one before. I'm here to tell you that it's not that hard. Most people stay away from a charcoal grill simply because there's no actual knob to turn the grill to whatever temperature they want. Which leads me to this question below.

How do I control or dictate how hot a charcoal grill gets ?

- The amount of charcoal you light up is one of the main indicators of how hot your grill will get.

For example: In this recipe we start off with 52 briquettes, with 26 on each side of the grill. This amount gets us to approximately 250 degrees F.

- Now to help control the temperature of the grill , you want to pay to close attention to your vents.

Vents on a grill control the flow of oxygen, which in turn affects the temperature and speed at which the charcoal burns

  • Open vents: Allow more oxygen in, which results in hotter, faster-burning charcoal. This can be useful if you're short on time.
  • Closed vents: Reduce the oxygen supply, which results in less heat and slower-burning charcoal. This can be useful if the grill is too hot.
  • Half-open vents: Can be used depending on your needs. For example, you can partially close the top vents to reduce flare-ups or the overall temperature

For this recipe we will have our vents slightly open

Is there a flavor difference when using a charcoal grill instead of an oven ?

Yes, there's a major difference in flavor. The smoke coming from the charcoal and any pieces of wood you throw in there ( I recommend cherry or apple) will season your ribs in ways you can never ever get from baking them in the oven.

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