Why Epis/Green Seasoning is the Ultimate Kitchen Staple!

What is Epis?

Epis is a a combination of herbs and spices blended together to form a delicious marinade! that can be used for meats, vegetables, and any other things that you choose to cook.

Why should be I be using epis/green seasoning?

Epis/green seasoning is an absolute cheat code to elevating the flavors in your dishes. the blended combination of garlic, parsley, green onion, thyme and other herbs and spices is truly a flavor bomb. 

  • - Use to marinate meats
  • - Use it make pan sauces after searing your meats 
  • - Use it as a salsa for tacos 
  • - Use it when making stews 
  • - Use it when making your rice 
  • - Use it when making pasta sauces 
  • - Use to make a garlic and herb butter
  • - Use to marinate your veggies 

Where does epis come from?

Well for long time I thought that only Haitians use epis but once I started posting recipes online I quickly found that most countries in the Caribbean uses epis! Although they call it Green seasoning!

How long can it last ?

I say good rule of thumb is anywhere from 8-10 days in your fridge!

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Can’t wait to try it


What is AP?


Hello for a while been wanted to try your version of spaghetti because I feel like the American version but I know you need the Epis, but one of the ingredients is one and a half tablespoons of AP. Not sure what that is. Could you let me know thank you so much.

Summer Ray Oliney

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