Lazy recipes that hit the spot!

I've cooked a lot meals in my life, ranging from easiest to hardest. often time some those lazy easy recipes tend to hit a little harder than they should. In other words they turn out delicious!

Why I think some lazy recipes can so be good?

I think Lazy recipes can come out so good because like many things in life, less is more. I also believe because they're so quick & you're not waiting forever to eat, the hungry excitement is fresh, making you jump right in to eat. Also I feel that it gives the feeling of a quick snack, and we all know how those quick snacks be hitting.

Lazy recipes don't just mean throwing anything together and expecting to work.

Even though you're making a lazy recipe, you can still build flavors by using ingredients that actually works together. But at the same time, when making a lazy recipe it is time to think out the box a little bit, emphasis on the little bit. If you go out the box too much there's a chance you might end up with big ole lazy mess. 

Lazy recipes are mostly known for shortcuts not just adding things just cause you have it in your kitchen. Those would be what I call cleaning out fridge recipes. Which we'll talk about another time.

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