Jerk Red Snapper Tacos By Chefchosen

Jerk Red Snapper Tacos By Chefchosen

As you guys know I love coming up with different ways to combine different cultures & cuisines, putting all them in one dish. I believe it is great way to find new flavor combinations. Although we're all from a different backgrounds we all mostly use the same main ingredients but just in different techniques. Coming from a different culture and having to adapt to new one made me realize the endless recipes ideas I can bring to life by combining the two. Although in this recipe I combine not two but THREE different cultures to create one dish. I this recipe I used Mexican cuisines and techniques, I also used Jamaican and Haitian cuisines and techniques. This Recipe is one of those recipes you must try! The Flavors combination compliment each other so well! 
For the Red snapper
For the tortillas
Add the snapper to a bowl, then add the ingredients listed. mix and set aside for later.
Step 2
Skip down to prepare, the slaw, salsa, tortilla, and crema sauce before continuing this next step.
Step 3
read step 2 before doing this step. In a large skillet over medium high heat, add 1 tbsp. oil. once hot add the the snapper pieces. cook on both sides until fully cooked. work in batches if you have to.
Step 4
Set the snapper to the side. now skip down to "taco assembling"
For the slaw
Step 5
Add all the ingredients listed below to a bowl
Step 7
After whisking, pour the sauce over the slaw mix. Mix until well combined and set aside.
For the salsa
Step 8
Add all the ingredients listed below to a bowl, mix and set aside.
For the tortillas
Step 10
Add all the ingredients listed below to a bowl and whisk.
Step 11
Gradually add the warm water as you mix it into the maseca. Mix/knead the dough until you get smooth ball. it shouldn't be too sticky or too dry
Step 12
if the dough is too sticky add just a little bit of maseca at a time until it's good. If the dough is too dry add just a little bit of water until its good. Little= 1 tbsp.
Step 13
After kneading the dough into a smooth ball. Leave it the bowl then two damped paper towels on it. set aside and let the dough rest for 10-12 minutes.
Step 14
After you've allowed the dough to rest, grab a little bit of the dough, only enough to form a small golf ball or a tad smaller. Using your hands shape the dough into a smooth ball
Step 15
Place the small of dough in the tortilla press in between a two pieces of plastic wrap.
Step 16
Heat up a nonstick skillet over medium heat high. once hot add the tortilla , cook on 1 side for 60-90 seconds then flip cook for another 60 seconds. after flipping it the tortilla should slightly bubble up,
Step 17
Remove the tortilla form the pan add it a bowl with a kitchen towel covering it, preventing the tortillas from drying up.
Step 18
Don't rush making the tortillas , work one by one until you have your desired amount.
Taco Assembling
Step 19
Dress your tacos and lay them as you wish. but I suggest, slaw, little bit salsa, snapper, just tiny bit more salsa for garnish, garnish with freshly chopped cilantro. serve the crema sauce on the side. enjoy!
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