How do you like to eat fried fish?

There are so many different ways to eat fried fish and honestly you really Can't go wrong. I'm going to share some of my favorite ways to eat fried fish. They're far from complicated which is the way I like it.

Now because I am two cultures in one, I happen to have to the best of both worlds. With Caribbean and Southern cuisine being two of best cuisine in the world in my humble opinion, either way you go you're going to have some delicious ways to enjoy fried fish.

In the Haitian community we love to eat fried fish with Pilkliz and  " banann peze" also know as tostones or fried plantain. The combination of crispy plantains, the flavorful spicy and acidic pikliz top with the delicious and perfectly fried piece of fish is bite to make you sit and wonder about life. That's how good it is! 

What is Pikliz ?

Pikliz is a slaw, but not like your typical cole slaw you might be use to. Although it uses similar ingredients like the cabbage, and carrots. In Haitian cuisine we add things like onions, garlic, lime, vinegar and scotch bonnet peppers, which are used to make delicious, spicy and acidic pepper sauce, which we then pour over the slaw mix, combine it really well, then allowing to sit so the flavors can come all together and develop. So as you can see it is the complete opposite of cole slaw, while cole slaw tends to be sweet and with little acid , Pikliz is spicy and acidic. 

In the southern community, I've grown to learn and love to enjoy fried fish on some good ole texas toast with mustard and hot sauce. Now although this sounds simple, DO NOT let it fool you! The combination of the soft delicate texas toast with the tangy mustard , hot sauce and crispy fish, is another bite that would make you pull up chair and look to the sky and say Very Noicee! 

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