Have you ever tried a Lobster Roll?

My first time trying a lobster roll was over 5 years ago! I was a teenager working at casual seafood restaurant called taste of Boston. Obviously the focus was on showcasing food from Boston, which was how I was introduced to lobster rolls! 

It was my first job and I started off as server, customers would come in and order them all the time, so figure those things must be Very Noicee. Although on my lunch break I never ordered them, why ? it was too expensive lol and portion was so small. But one day, one of the line cooks messed up a lobster roll order and I was the only server on the floor that day. My manager called me to the back, he split the lobster roll in 3 , and I finally got to taste a lobster roll. 

I was really shocked of how much flavor was packed in that the little bite I had. The next time I came into work, guess what I ordered on my lunch break? 

If you guessed Lobster roll you guessed right, I finished it in like 3 bites.

What makes a lobster roll taste good?

In my opinion it's the sauce, although the sauce is simple  it's so flavorful. the recipe I use now is my late mentor's recipes, although I've slightly tweaked it, I feel like it wouldn't make a difference to some.

Where can find the lobster rolls buns ?

- You can find the New England rolls on amazon! or go to your local grocery store and look for " top sliced hot dog buns/rolls by Pepperidge Farm

where can I find the exact lobster meat you used? 

- Your best chance of finding the exact lobster meat I used in this recipe is by going to you local restaurant depot or placing an Instacart order for the lobster claw and knuckle meat from them! 

why fresh lemon juice in the lobster roll?

In almost all recipes using fresh ingredients is the way to go. The fresh lemon juice in this recipe makes the flavor pop and just gives it that umami! 

What's the best part of the lobster to use ?

In the restaurant we used the lobster's claw and knuckle meat. it's meaty so it has nice bite to it and just sucks in the sauce in really well 

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