Why was I ever sleeping on Stewed Fish ?

As I mentioned in the recipe video I hated this growing up because why not just fry the fish mom lol? everything is better fried right? yeah those are the words of child who hadn't develop his taste buds and had yet to learn to appreciate goodness of this delicious fish stew! I'm not that kid anymore I absolutely love this and will devour it every time it comes my way! This recipe is Definitely one you should try!  

what is Red Snapper?

Red snapper has long been considered one of the most delicious deep-sea deli- cacies on the market. Its brilliant color- ing and at t r act i v e appearance is only exceeded by the juicy, white, fine -flavored flesh. Most of the snapper on the market is caught in the Gulf of Mexico and landed in Florida.

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Good advice and recipes you’re making my mouth watering! God bless 🙏❤️ Haitian’s people’s and community!

Cateline Joseph

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