Creamy Pasta Rehab: Saying Goodbye to Your Dependence on Heavy Cream

I know the creamy based pastas has us in chokehold, and rightfully so because they're delicious but sometimes you want a delicious pasta without all the cream and cheese. 

This why my Lobster and shrimp Scampi pasta comes in. It's easy to make, it's Garlicky, buttery and most of all the flavors are Very Noicee. 

Why do we keep the tail on the shrimp when cooking? 

There are many reasons to keep the tail on shrimp while cooking:

  • Flavor: The tail can enhance the flavor of the dish.
  • Prevents overcooking: The tail insulates the thinner part of the shrimp, which takes longer to cook, resulting in a more uniform thickness.
  • Aesthetic purposes: The tail anchors the shrimp and prevents it from deforming, which is especially important when sautéing.


Can I Substitute the proteins in this recipe?

YES, the protein can definitely be changed to your liking. Follow the same the steps just plug in your protein of choice. 

what does the term " fond" mean in the kitchen? 

In culinary arts, fond is the term for the brown bits of food that are left at the bottom of a pan after cooking meat or vegetables. The word fond is French for "stock" and translates to "the bottom" or "the base". The process of creating fond is called the Maillard reaction, which occurs when the protein in meat is exposed to heat and turns brown. This process also changes the color of the meat and develops other flavors.

What is al dente?

In cooking, al dente describes pasta or rice that is cooked to be firm to the bite. The term also extends to firmly-cooked vegetables.


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