Are you intimated to eat whole fish?

It was a total shocker to me when I moved to the U.S and seen that people almost always ate fillets of fish when eating fish. Because coming Haiti, a Caribbean country, when my mom cooked fish for dinner the fish was always whole.

Although in Haiti when we purchased fish it was mostly from a fish vendor going down street or the farmers market. In the U.S people typically shop in grocery store where food items prep and packaged, and I believe that's part of the reason why a lot of people in the U.S are kind of intimated when it come to eating or preparing a fish whole.

Things to be careful about when eating whole fish:

  • Bones- Some fish, like shad, carp, and pickerel, have many bones. When eating, take your time, and put small pieces in your mouth so you can easily remove any bones with your fingers or a napkin.

Tips for when eating a whole fish:

  • Carve the fish: After cooking, use a sharp knife to cut between the head and body, then from the tail end to the cavity. You can also use a spatula to lift the flesh off the backbone.
  • Remove bones: Use utensils to push the flesh off the bone, or you can use your fingers to remove any bones you digest. You can also flip the fish over to check for remaining bones.
  • Use a spoon: Some Chinese restaurants use a spoon to scrape the flesh off the bones.
  • Eat the head: If the head is still attached, you can remove it from the gills.
  • Waste not: You can use almost the entire fish, so don't just eat the fillets.
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